Vierte Pane

Find a brand new visual side of real X-MARKS THE PEDWALK classics. read more

Zweite Pane

Live DVD VISUAL JOURNEY. The first visual document by X-MARKS THE PEDWALK. read more

Dritte Pane

X-MARKS THE PEDWALK @ INFACTED CLASSIXX - Digitally remastered, unreleased tracks, limited. read more

Vierte Pane

SN-A. The new electronic music project by SEVREN NI-ARB aka X MARKS THE PEDWALK! read more


The Sun, The Cold and my Underwtaer Fear, 2012
Visual Journey, 2010
Facer Re-Release, 2010
Inner Zone Journey, 2010
Seventeen 2010
Ceontaph Re-Release, 2009
Abattoir Re-Release, 2009
Experiences, 2003
Drawback, 1996
Meshwork, 1995
Facer, 1995
Airbacktrax, 1994
The Killing Had Begun, 1994
Paranoid Illusions, 1993
Human Desolation, 1993
The Trap, 1993
Cenotaph, 1992
Freaks, 1992
Abattoir, 1991
Danger Disease Control, 1990
Arbitrary Execution, 1989
Scarecrow, 1988