Abattoir Re-Release CD 2009







01 | Abattoir (extended)
02 | Solitude
03 | Abortion
04 | Look on This Side
05 | Interruption
06 | Arbitrary Execution
07 | Look on This Side (beyond death)
08 | Dead Fuck
09 | Abattoir (razormaid mix)
10 | Abattoir (DJ Tony Reconstruction Extended 2007)
11 | The Killing Had Begun




might is a magnet and everyone dreams of it and if they have it they just try not to lose it with all your might you impose your will you don't like the persons who put obstructions in your way - you often have the motive but still nothing to do I see that decline I see that circumstance it's all so simple but dance your social dance it's just a shit - do you really understand what do you hold in your big hand and do you understand how rapid you will close your hand it's easy to resist your might I just will look around I feel like throwing up - blow your problems away look at that decay - I see you grow your eyes are blind corruptive is that way and I try to find the sense of your might to understand your sight there is nothing to ignore so I look down to your abattoir.


I feel so cold there is nothing to hold no gentle vibrations just a ludicrous staggering a staggering of strange feelings I try to get away of it I'm so restless restlessness perhaps I should try to masturbate perhaps I need an orgasm my hand to my sexual organ my hand to my sexual organ my eyes up to the ceiling solitude.


I'm sitting in the belly looking down on my knees oh! what's that down on me I think I get a visit but it's a syringe that opens and closes still it is between my legs but something could be found ah! the pain is horrible my left arm's on the ground 'cause they cut out my arm with a smile in the face though I want to be a pianist I think I ought to win this race I can't move my body in this bloody room my hands are knocking on the walls but the silence can't call a member of human rights I'm absorbed in thoughts and my small brain realizes the scythe that redeems me from my legs the next will be my head I'll never eat a crunchy bread my ears cry in red tears I'll never hear the words love, war, fear, hate and pain but that is not the end my sister near my rests is looking down her knees and thinks she gets a visit.



www.depechemode.de 09.2009

Auch 18 Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung von ´Abattoir’ bleibt der Sound clubkompatibel.
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Wieder ein tolles Re-Release, das aufgrund des tollen Sounds und der Bonustracks für Fans ein Tip ist und für Neugierige eine sehr gute Möglichkeit eine der prägenden deutschen Electro-Bands der Neunziger kennen zu lernen. Von der Qualität der genannten Songs können sich die meisten Electro-Bands der letzten Jahre noch eine große Scheibe abschneiden. "Abattoir" jedenfalls kann heute noch voll überzeugen und ist nicht umsonst einer der Klassiker, die noch immer für volle Tanzflächen sorgen..
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www.metal.de 08.2009

Die "EBM Kult Klassiker"-Serie von Infacted Recordings geht in ihre dritte Runde und hat mit X MARKS THE PEDWALKs legendärer Maxi "Abattoir" einen echten Kracher am Start. Der Song zählt wie kaum ein anderer zu den absoluten Kulthits der EBM-Szene [...] Somit ist diese Wiederveröffentlichung deutlich mehr als nur eine lieblose Neuauflage und gleichzeitig eine spannende Reise zurück in die elektronische Vergangenheit, die mit X MARK THE PEDWALK Erinnerungen an eine die Szene prägende EBM-Legende wieder aufleben lässt.
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www.reflectionsofdarkness.com 10.2009

A great package for sure! [...]´Abattoir’, in my book still one of the greatest EBM tracks ever, is presented with three different versions, including the rare Razormaid remix and an exclusive extended version by DJ Tonyy.
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