Facer Re-Release CD 2010







01 | Facer
02 | Missing Light
03 | Ten Miles
04 | Facer (X-Tremix)
05 | Danger
06 | (God Takes a) Photograph
07 | Mirthless Knick Knack
08 | Scythe and Limbs
09 | Never Look Back (re-edit)
10 | Missing Light (re-edit)
11 | Facer (short cut)
12 | Criminal Disharmony (live)
13 | Danger (live)
14 | Maximum Pace (Controlled Fusion Remix)




This scrape is in your head now You don´t wanna be here The silence starts to shout The noises will move on now You comply what you hear What are you whishing When your feet run to escape The time is standing still Your hands try to wake up Dark light is breaking in Your head like a pin Your voice is just a whispering Facer And when you are on the verge of tears Tell me now Facer Will your eyes see the brighten light Or will they hide into the night Your system seems to be Like a rigor can you see it´s not a real rot What you now want to see the rising sun to make A clean sweep of your scrape And inside your head You visualize your ply Still searching for the light Though your head will become clear Hope alternates the fear The scrape still will be here.

Missing Light

A to and fro of tempers in you. you don´t know the sights you're looking for visualizing the truth is not like a mirror realizing the fear is to break through the walls behind the walls an unknown world it has nothing to do with delight It feels like in a dark room forever missing light silence to search for a neverending might.

Ten Miles

Sweep the tears aside I want you to change the way you're running through the night will you ever trust yourself try to sweep the tears aside and change the way you're running through the night you wanna cut your head you can't sweep the tears aside you can't change the way another ten miles and you will burn today another ten miles.



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Für Fans und Musikhistoriker ein Muss.
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www.sonic-seducer.de 05.2010

1995, "Facer" erschüttert die Electrowelt. Jedoch nicht, weil es so erbarmungslos und brachial ist, sondern weil damit ein bis dahin striktes Tabu gebrochen, lockerleicht mit Eurodance kokettiert und eine Melodik an den Tag gelegt wurde, die man von den Münsteranern nie erwartet hätte. Aus heutiger Sicht war dieser Song ein zu früh geborener Zwilling von Futurepop, der zunächst nur zögerlich aufgenommen wurde. [...] Gut war das jedenfalls und wegweisend für die weitere Entwicklung der Szene sowieso. [...] Zwei Livetracks und diverse rare Remixe ergeben 14 Teile wichtiger deutscher Electro-Geschichte. .
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