Freaks Vinyl + CD 1992







01 | Abattoir
02 | Zest
03 | Repression
04 | Swastika
05 | Express My Sentiments Exactly
06 | The Shot
07 | Helpless
08 | Battered Babies
09 | Church for Snow White
10 | Epilogue: Desert in Dawn
11 | Feast of the Resurrection (Bonus-Track on CD)




might is a magnet and everyone dreams of it and if they have it they just try not to lose it with all your might you impose your will you don't like the persons who put obstructions in your way - you often have the motive but still nothing to do I see that decline I see that circumstance it's all so simple but dance your social dance it's just a shit - do you really understand what do you hold in your big hand and do you understand how rapid you will close your hand it's easy to resist your might I just will look around I feel like throwing up - blow your problems away look at that decay - I see you grow your eyes are blind corruptive is that way and I try to find the sense of your might to understand your sight there is nothing to ignore so I look down to your abattoir.


I waul, what's that I begin to crawl I cuddle on a wall there are moving colours eyes in flowers I think I'm under a bloody shower and someone shrivels me up now I simmer down and I'm lying down I see the moving colours and hear the laughing flowers I feel a comfortable warmth 'cause I really know what to do and what to choose to feel a zest I need a zest to crawl I need a zest to fall.


One second And you are not prevalent Your repression is not obedient Look in that mirror of yourself Read pages of a book pages of your life Listen to a story that cuts like a knife Times and emotional lies out of your life Repression is not obedient Repression take that knife Repression is not your life.


weakness apathy to yourself gloom looking for a kindred for years you were a muff you fell into mud you ran for a change you rap your fingers and rap out of your house out of your past raze it to the ground you hide in a way out and think there is nothing to shout your hide makes you blind and all you find seem to be friends of your mind self-confident and organized you are part of them but now you realize you see what they have done and recognize the swastika the stretched out arms what did you do.

Express My Sentiments Exactly

I just have to think about that but I can't move I'm paralized I don't know why there is just a black sky so I hold your hand try to lead me to a land where I'll find a solution.

The Shot

deep aggressions caused a disease you don't know what to choose you don't know why you loose control impressions pelt on you take that gun take that way taste the fun to give away yourself capture that object it's the right a shot will correct all you only see your sight you know this is the last way there's nothing to regret so you laugh at your disease and kill it with a shot a shot will erase the background a shot will erase the circumstance a shot will erase the guilty ones a shot will erase what you have found a shot will kill the disease.


I see that breakdown a brain calls to collapse I even grasp the problem so I have to engage I know I tell the truth and there is someone who listens he listens to my words but he can't understand I think there's a solution there is just despair I'm so helpless.

Battered Babies

feel like an actor in your lovely skinflicks you refuse to accept that you are a sitting-duck of a down-hearted self look at the children under your skin tell me that feeling hey, that's a sin listen show me the climax optimize your climax and batter and batter and batter your babies now.

Church for Snow White

You are just formal just a formal dance I just need you for a mercy I need you just to see that my life is what I want to be they plate you with gold but all that I hold is a book of fairytales so I build a church for Snow White from everlasting to everlasting thou art god.



E.S.T. (UK) June 1992

The long-awaited debut LP from XMTP is here, and it has reawakened my enthusiasm for the hardbeat genre which has blighted with the same affliction as house music: too many bands producing much too similar results. Freaks is intense, sweating, constructive electronics. XMTP´s unique fusion of industrial and techno is immaculately produced. Listening to tracks such as Swastika, Express my sentiments exactly and The Shot really gets the adrenalin flowing. A welcome return to the underlying philosophy of electronic body music: Hit ém hard!