Human Desolation CD 1993







01 | I See You
02 | The Relapse
03 | Desolation
04 | Repulsion
05 | Criminal Disharmony
06 | Paranoid Illusions
07 | Experience
08 | The Trap
09 | Taciturnity
10 | ...Call You...
11 | Don´t Fall Asleep



I See You

I like to rehash it's irrelative so I will locate I know that's what you hate and I push you now in a subway down I don't talk to you 'cause I know what is true and I take your words to see you perish you're so resourceless take my shove don't look at me I look to you what a terrible view I won't be you don't cry out don't cry out I see you.

The Relapse

just relate me tell me what's a pang count the tables try to keep your body calm nice needles on a chair sit down look aside fight your hair and again tell me what's a pang go to bed your eyes so red go round a room so broad straddle legged I said go to bed relapse.


crack-brained you devote a view you combine what happened to you your sight to decide what's for you the right and nothing matters handle your life with a kind of illusions hope and fear becomes a fusion there is no jailer is there a prison relate a poem for the scene to get into a presence a bulwark of human decisions to push you aside there is no hand so try a way you are alone that's the difference keep in contact with ideas keep in contact with your eyes you know they put you off so take a chair take a desk what's the report desolation will force you leave your hiding place and I keep your arms around a salvation of trust and desolation is your loss.



Criminal Disharmony

you walk through a somewhere town your hands so warm your heart so cold you aim at something better you aim at something like a shelter and that is what I muse on you walk through a somewhere town you grab at something you grab with knives nothing around you I have to muse on 'cause I see cold eyes a murder with knives.

Paranoid Illusions

across the face coming from the human race across the face there is nothing you can take don't tell this is cruel think about another world of stones in red a sky - and it's dead your eyes inside hold not and take not what you've forgotten to realize paranoid illusions.


Take a crack So you think it's mind-expanding Let's taste this kind of void I think it's not a good choice Something's going round I will make a bound Something for the bowels And it's apace I know they beguile into a try It's your experience.


Refused No regard Like a phobia They repress No act You ache for words which will not hurt One thing will relieve the pain your next relapse.

... Call You ...

I need something to feel what gives me a real source and I just want to survive don't like this damned life no material anymore what was there before and I just want to survive so I choose another life this life is just for money please don't call me honey today I take five 'cause I just want to survive I call you to get fucked.

The Trap

cold wind in your hair sitting on a true green chair but your thoughts will run around again feel like unreal try more a hand can hold the taste of self-confidence so far but don't realize you remove to a wrap - the trap I see you crash down in a sea of decline I see you crash down toxicated you are mine enclosed by a storm you can't return from the wrap - the trap to the wrap - the trap.



CREWZINE April 1993

The new XMTP-Album "Human Desolation" is real masterpiece coming from Sevren´s brain and nerves. I couldn´t expect it but I can´t fall asleep now for the sake of this smashing head album. It´s not easy to explain the feelings, which seize myself when I listen to it. It´s great and I like it. New album is more musicians than "Freaks" was. Vocals are not so distorted at the most time and despite of this the songs are not less quality. by contraries they are more human and with intense atmosphere. Some tracks are slow and the y have mostly baladic character. Others have strong beating but they aren´t too fast. There are many sampled voices and effects which complete total soundrelief compound of different melodies. Singing supplement music, music suppliment singing and all comes from Sevren´s inside. This album is one piece of himself...Album is as good as Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly if it isn´t better...

AHA Feb. 1993

Das außergewöhnliche Münsteraner Technoduo mit neuem Anlauf. Versprach die neue Maxi "The Trap" von Sevren und dem neuen Mann Raive Yarx schon einiges, so wird das von Ihrer Langrille noch um Dimensionen übertroffen. "Human Desolation" ist weniger aggressiv als sein Vorgänger, doch man erkennt schnell, daß dies der hypnotischen Faszination ihrer schillernden EBM-Musik keinen Abbruch tut. Im Gegenteil! Die beiden bringen mit ihrer durchdacht strukturierten Musik menschliche Wärme in die sonst so unterkühlte Szene, die mehr als alles andere zum Abheben antörnen. Auch im Zustand verzückter Dance-Ekstase sind immer neue, subtile Feinheiten zu entdecken, jeder Song ist eine abgeschlossen Welt für sich, in die man sich vertrauensvoll fallen lassen und ihr - gneußsteigernd - bis zum Finale folgen kann. Keine zweckgebundenen "Akkustik-Amphetamine", die man einfallslos ausblendet, wenn sie ihr Soll erfüllt haben. Jeder Song allein genügt zur Harmonisierung der Körperchemie; wer danach lieber über diese phantastische Musik reden will, ist ganz normal!! Anspieltip: Desolation, Experience.