We are proud to present a special web-video-project: "LOST FILES – A Retro Video Collection” shows 15 music videos with songs from the early years (1990 - 1995) of X-MARKS THE PEDWALK. With videos for "Cenotaph”, "Paranoid Illusions”, "Conversion”, "Desolation”, "Maximum Pace” and many more you can find a brand new visual side of real X-MARKS THE PEDWALK classics.

01 | Paranoid Illusions (1993)
02 | Missing Light (1995)
03 | I Promise You a Murder (1994)
04 | Conversion (1994)
05 | W.I.T.I.A.K. (1996)
06 | Desolation (1993)
07 | Cenotaph (1992)
08 | Maximum Pace (1996)
to be continued...

During the production of the official X-MARKS THE PEDWALK video "Tormented Skin” Director Dustin Ferguson suggested the plan to produce a bunch of selected videos with a special retro touch by considering former technical factors like aspect ratio, visual effects and colouring. Ferguson gives also a new interpretation for each song. As owner and operator of several film distribution and production companies Ferguson is especially known as director of horror movies - also with a retro touch and in a nostalgic style. He has directed such films as the 2013 "Die Sister, Die!" remake. So you can find this special handwriting also in the videos of "LOST FILES – A Retro Video Collection”.

DUSTIN FERGUSON: "As a life long fan of industrial music, early X-Marks The Pedwalk were no strangers to me. As a director, I find music videos an important means of creatively expressing the image the artist is trying to convey. Sadly, only one official video exists to promote their early material ("Danger") and I felt it just wasn't enough. X-MTP has been a huge inspiration for many bands to enter the genre later on but yet never received much U.S. press or promo. I felt it was long overdue. It's the YouTube generation. Everyone turns to the net to find the music they like, so why not use that to our advantage? Let's do something crazy and unheard of: create music videos for CLASSIC songs. Hits that never had the proper exposure. But there would be a catch, we would make them all in such a manner they would seem that they could have very possibly came from that era. Each video was meticulously shot to re-create a "style" indicative of the year the song was released. From fullscreen, vhs-style footage in the earliest years to widescreen and more "modern" with the singles from their height, I hope you find each video not only fitting for the song, but also nostalgic. It was an honor to create these for not only the band, but the fans as well. Enjoy the art."

We will continously release the LOST FILES here (watch menu / navigation on the left) and on the official youtube channel by X-MARKS THE PEDWALK