understand my sight and feel the crash into my hole. you can call me monomaniac but I will tell you itīs mendacity. Iīm moved by fear and the ground so near. you can call me monomaniac but I will tell you itīs mendacity. My view so clean while the sounds have been so clam. you can call me monomaniac but I will tell you itīs mendacity. I move around fromside to side you can call me monomaniac when will I reach the ground to cry. cold ground, silent sounds, I move around, I have to energize my languor.

Free and Alive

everytime I try to understand, I feel my burning mind. I couldn't talk to you I need you, I feel a burning inside. cold wind in the air, my hands through my hair. don't want to keep my view aside, just want to look inside the mood is trance-like sometimes sleepless, I need a real life. the walls so near, the light too slow, my fear is all I hear. show me how to feel, if you know how to feel, all I want is to believe you know, in something I won't leave. until the sun relieves the moon, you have to cry. and when you wake up you will try, to feel free and alive.

Special Sign

Iīm staying here looking back try one step I canīt hear I canīt cry tears are mine. Iīm lookin down looking down to the floor Iīm staying here looking down looking back try one step Iīm waiting for a special to fill my dreams with light.


I need a kind of sorrow I need a place to hide Donīt know the way to follow To follow into light I'm full of emotion.

Never Look Back

I could move in time on a place so fine what I've never done don't want to set me free I ask myself could I ever do what you said to me So I now try to move for a race I will lose I'm crawlng down the ground to fall with you time is passing by never look back - don't forget.


I donīt have enough time to except my feelings, Want to get inside, what I know as light. do you know the line where I can move on. please give me a sign that I can understand. I hope you can see, I'm looking down the sea, expecting emptiness. I hope you can see, I'm falling down my knees, I need the taste of love.


the next try is up to you, don't talk with your hands, I feel you heart so blue see my world through my eyes another story starts donīt move me up and down are you satisfied? I can laugh at you, but you won't laugh at me, if I would say to you. you're analyzing me, I cover what you need. you're analyzing me, to come into my world.



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